About Registration:
For existing "Online" users: If you are an existing "Online" user register with eDNRD to activate your existing users.
For new eDNRD users: If you have never used "Online" or eDNRD before, you have to first pay the registration fee at Establishment Card section at GDRFA-D and they will direct you to the eDNRD Help Desk to obtain your user ID and password.

For further information required, visit our eDNRD Help Desk, situated at GDRFA-D on the 1st floor, 
contact our Customer Information no. at: 800-5111 .
  Benefits of eDNRD:
  The eDNRD system was developed with many more features than the existing "Online system" . You can now  make your payment through CBD direct debit, and the fee for the visa application and security deposit will be deducted at the same time of the application.
    How can I apply for a refund?
Please go through our "Refund Policy", on the eDNRD website.

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